Company Profile
  1. The Company
ECASoft is a small IT company based Karachi, Pakistan, that specializes in custom software development for windows, web-based, and hand held applications. Our primary focus is small and medium businesses, government agencies, and individuals.

Our goal is to help our clients move past the barriers they face in the business world and overcome the limits in their current business solution. We strive to satisfy our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations by building a strong relationship, providing quality work, and excellent technical support. We combine the most talented experienced software developers and engineers with the knowledge and passion to develop an elegant quality custom solution on time and within budget.

2. The Objective
Our objective is to lower the barriers that entrepreneurs and businesses face in accessing the key resources that are required for business success. We can provide you with access to:

  Dependable, low-cost software development services.
  Experienced high-tech business advisors for IT Strategy Planning.

We undertake both customized solution development as well as product development. We also extend system implementation and support services. We also provide software testing services on "you develop & we test" model.

3. The Task
Keeping a vigil eye on the rapid growth in technology, we strive hard to adapt to state-of-the-art tools, technologies and methodologies to provide hi-tech and high quality solutions. We can advise and explore new and exciting possibilities for our customers that can help them in optimizing their investments and relationships.

4. The Strength
Our hiring policy - setting very high standards for anyone aspired to join us.
The environment - providing the opportunity to speak out your passion and bring     out the creativity.

5. The Commitment
We are highly regarded for our ability to work in concert with our clients to build applications that not only meet your current needs but are flexible enough to support future demands of the business. This is our daily challenge and commitment and we are enthusiastic about it.

We guarantee you:

  Fastest start-up time
  Minimum up-front cost
  High productivity result
  Highest return on your investment
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