The service industry needs quality and reliability and are objective is to provide our clients with both.

ECASoft offers a wide variety of services that makeup the entire customer experience. Establishing improved customer retention, delivering quality and timely solutions, is what makes us stand-out from our competitors, which leads to growth and profitability for each of our clients.

  Software Engineering
  Web & Wireless Application Development
  Creative Web & Presentation Designing
  Domain Registration & Web Hosting

Providing round-the-clock consultancy services we help our clients improve the way they use technology to gain maximum benefit from it. We provide consultancy covering the following major areas:

1. IT Strategy Planning
2. Software Architecture Designing
3. Software Engineering
4. Corporate Network Designing
5. IT Risk Management
6. Disaster Recovery Planning & Management

By analyzing our clients business and identifying the appropriate software and network needs for proper & accurate information flow, we advise them to either buy existing software or design customized software as per their requirements keeping all kinds of security & financial constraints in mind.

Software Engineering
Software engineering at ECASoft covers from Desktop to Client/Server to Enterprise level (Internet & Intranet) applications.

We specialize in providing turnkey software solutions to your business needs by analyzing, prototyping, designing, managing, developing, deploying and maintaining software according to your business needs. Following a strict, rigorous and standard developed procedures, we at ECASoft, aim at providing you quality software at cost-effective rates.

Web & Wireless Application Development
Our company has designed and delivered successful e-business solutions for the web and wireless. We are acknowledged integration, security and infrastructure experts all areas vital to ensuring that your solution is secure, works smoothly and is fool proof.

Our experience covers all aspects of creating successful e-business solutions:

  Internet and Intranet applications
  ASP, B2B, B2C solutions
  Leveraging technology for competitive advantage
  Integrating with existing information systems
  Secure transaction based solutions

Creative Web & Presentation Designing
With a skilled & creative team of dedicated professionals having expertise in Graphic Designing, we guarantee to deliver the best designs for your web applications & presentations.

Having expertise in the areas of:

  Macromedia Dreamweaver
  Macromedia Flash
  Macromedia Firework
  Adobe Photoshop
  Adobe Illustrator
  Corel Suite
  M.S. FrontPage
  3D Modeling & Animation

Domain Registration & Web Hosting
In order to provide turn-key solutions to our valued clients we offer hosting services to your exact requirements. Using proven, state-of-art technology, we help deliver fast, reliable and secure networks to launch your solutions.

We provide custom made hosting services to meet your company’s requirements. Our solutions are created, keeping flexibility in mind to accommodate new functionality as they evolve.

ECASoft hosting solutions include:

  Microsoft Windows 2000 / 2003 Server Packages
  MS SQL Database Packages
  Corporate Mail Server Mechanism
  B2B2C Packages
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